Special Interest Science Groups

We offer information on science based departments. Below are special interest groups:

  • The UK Online User Group
  • The Affiliation of Local Government Information Specialists
  • The City Information Group
  • Financial & Business Information Group
  • Patent and Trade Mark Group

The UK Online User Group (UKOLUG)

UKOLUG is the national user group for online, CD-ROM and Internet searchers. It aims to act as a user forum, and as a consumer group to represent users’ interest within the information industry. UKOLUG is one of the founder supporters of the Centre for Information Quality Management.

As well as producing a bi-monthly Newsletter, the group organises regular meetings, including practical workshops, and organises a State-of-the-Art Conference in alternate years. It maintains close links with online hosts, database producers, CD-ROM distributors and telecommunications services. Members are entitled to discounts on publications and meetings.

Publications include the UKOLUG Quick Guide to Effective Use of the Internet and UKOLUG Quick Guide to Personal Bibliographic Software.

The Affiliation of Local Government Information Specialists (ALGIS)

ALGIS was set up in May 1991. It aims to raise awareness of the potential and actual benefits of the work of information specialists within local government and to improve the effectiveness of information specialists within government. ALGIS publishes a newsletter and organises meetings and visits of interest to its members, who come from many local authorities and from organisations with interests in local government. Recent meetings include:

  • One day seminar on Business Links, in Crewe
  • Tour of Birmingham’s International Convention Centre, and address by the Head of Birmingham’s Local Studies and History Service, as part of the AGM.

The City Information Group (CIG)

The group organises regular social events, evening meetings on topical subjects, and visits. Recent topics have included:

  • a discussion evening on competitive intelligence
  • intelligent agents and agentware
  • an industry debate covering vendor consolidation, pricing and the changing role of information workers

The Group publishes a quarterly newsletter – CIGLET.

Financial & Business Information Group (FBI)

The Financial & Business Information group is an IIS Special Interest Group and is affiliated to the Irish Branch. The group was launched in October 1994 and functions primarily as networking group for professionals working in the business and financial information area in Ireland. Informal meetings are held, including some with speakers on current topics or new business information products.

Membership is open to any individual with an interest in financial or business information, whether or not they are members of the IIS. Membership may be of interest to information analysts, researchers, librarians, information managers and other information specialists working in the financial and business sectors in Ireland. Members are also welcome from organisations providing information systems and services to the financial and business sectors.