New Advances in Renewable Energy Technology

Wind energy usage increased in UK

Statistics released yesterday by the Department of Energy and Climate Change have revealed that the renewable energy sector contributed to a record breaking 9.6% of the electricity supplied by the UK grid. This is an encouraging 50% increase on the figures from 2010.

A statistic that is also rather encouraging is the percentage decrease on last year’s figures in energy consumption. Domestic use in particular can be rewarded for its decrease in final consumption of energy with a percentage decrease of 3.7%. Have a look at our other research projects.

Increase in Wind Power Usage

Wind power can take a lot of the credit for this massive increase on last year’s figures, with an output rise of 120%. Record-breaking figures on wind power generation suggest that around 10% of the UK’s electricity demands can be provided during peak wind energy production. The remnants of Hurricane Irene allowed total wind energy delivered to the UK grid to exceed 3000 megawatts for the first time at the beginning of September.

These figures show that wind energy is providing ever-increasing amounts of electricity to homes and businesses across the country, whilst also increasing the amount of carbon emissions that we are saving. Extensive scientific research is supporting these statistics.

The boom in wind energy has increased demand for wind generators. Top fibreglass moulding engineers in the UK are designing, manufacturing and installing wind generators to order.

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The future for renewable energy across the UK is looking bright

Investment into the sector is set to continue. At the Scottish Low Carbon Investment conference earlier this week, Alex Salmond announced that a new fund of £35m has been launched to attract new green technology. Al Gore, also made a special appearance at the conference and his enthusiasm and praise of the Scottish Governments approach to renewable energy continued throughout his speech.

“If the general expectation is that renewable energy has a bright future, because we are going to make the right choice, then the research and development funds will increase, the breakthroughs from innovation will increase.”

Scotland has an exciting future with wind turbine development. With an extensive skilled workforce and an already well-developed energy infrastructure, overseas companies, such as Doosan, Gamesa and Mitsubishi Power Systems Europe, are choosing Scotland as the place for development. Contact us for more information about wind power in Scotland.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news as far as renewable energy investment is concerned. Investment in the UK’s renewable energy infrastructure took a step backwards this week, after the government delayed an urgent review into the green subsidy regime.  But none the less, the future for renewable energy in the UK looks positive and if figures and investments like the ones announced this week continue, then surely we can only be optimistic.

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